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Nova Corp

What if you did not have to wonder what to eat for dinner tonight? What if you never had to choose what to listen to or what to watch ever again? What if you could experience again all of your memories? What if you could get updated to the cloud after your death? What if you could visit your deceased loved ones during your dreams? What if there was something that could make your life so much easier, like an app? But what if this app was implanted directly into your brain?

Thanks to Nova Corp. all of that is now possible. With the A.B.L.E. implant, the Assistant for Better Living Experience, you are connected to the internet every second of your life. Every morning the artificial intelligence calculate what food you need, what clothes you should wear and your plans for the day.

Welcome to the world of Sally Tate. Try to discover the truth by going through her files, conversations, and emails.

The chat conversation was written in INK